Starting at the RCM


Thought #1 – Starting at Music College

After 3 weeks of headless-chicken-ing, learning how to socialise again, receiving copious amounts of information from amazing teachers, and pretending to have “roots for feet” in movement class, my first few weeks at the Royal College of Music (RCM) feel simultaneously like a blur… and the most memorable film I’ve ever seen.

It’s been pretty nuts, not gonna lie. To have people actually take me (me!) vaguely seriously and say “oh you’re in the opera school?” at least once a day is a bit surreal. I can barely tie my shoelaces and yet someone somewhere thought I would be fit to sing here. Either I’m really good at fooling people – I mean, they’re not the first institution to fall for this – or people want to be fooled by crazy people. Because crazy people are fun*.

*That’s what all my 7 year old students tell me…

Maybe I needlessly call myself crazy. Maybe I’m more normal than I think? …………Nah.

In other news, I’ve developed an irrational hatred towards anything to do with Estate Agencies. London seems to do that to people.

And in other other news, some exciting projects (that I can’t forget about!):
another pianoooo lounge (OSO Arts Centre, 27th October 2021)

The magic fluuuute (Royal College of Music, 20th, 22nd, 24th, 26th November 2021)
NB: as I’m Papagena in this, I thought “great, best costume for least amount of singing!” [as she’s meant to be a bird]
…turns out we’re setting it at a school! The production is going to be really cool but… no feathers for Sofia.

Mahler’s 4th Symphony (Leamington Sinfonia, 27th November 2021)
Eeeeeeek – so excited about this! I did this in 2017 so it’s been a while! Mahler is just so gorgeous, though.

FIESTA! (St John the Divine in Kennington, 1st December 2021)
Spanish songs para mí, sí Señor!

Any questions about how to book anything, let me know. Mi casa musical es tu casa musical.

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