Piano Lounge

Sofia Kirwan-Baez started playing classical piano at age 8 and the passion for the instrument has only grown since then.

Now a frequent performer at London's most prestigious hotels (The Dorchester Promenade, The Savoy Thames Foyer) and tea rooms (Fortnum and Mason's), she is frequently in demand for corporate events or parties. Her repertoire ranges from jazz to folk to soft rock and pop, and she is known for taking a range of requests.

Her journey into piano lounge started at Sandy's Piano Bar in Oxford (2017). Her audition consisted of her walking in at age 20 and proving that she could play anything from 'Fly me to the Moon' to Ed Sheeran to Billy Joel... The addiction began.

When she went to Cardiff in 2018, she started a series at the Marriott Hotel for Sunday lunch where, for two hours, she would play requests and fan favourites.

Following this, during an Erasmus in Florence, she waltzed into the Four Seasons Hotel, was immediately hired and started working regularly there throughout the few months she was in Italy (2019).

Now based in London, she has continued to spread the joy of communal, request-based music-making at the OSO Arts Centre since 2020.


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