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Sadly, all my teaching slots are filled this year, but please register your interest for 2024-2025 by filling in THIS FORM ☺️

It's Time to Start Your Musical Adventures

Learning music is so much more than just learning notes. It's about discovering the limits of your creativity, finding your true voice, and encountering a new language with which to express yourself.

figure, to draw, hands
Personalised teaching

Adapted learning to whatever your level or interests are.

book, read, book pages
Extensive resources

Learn about any kind of genre, from classical singing and piano, to how to play and sing your favourite pop singles.

keyboard, pen, plan
Flexible format

Available for both in-person teaching in or around London, and online lessons (accompaniments included).

school, book, knowledge
Good with languages

Are you an English / French / Spanish / Italian speaker? Not a problem. I can teach in all four.

Why Pick Me

Picking a music teacher is hard, especially if you are just starting out. That's why I want to give you some good reasons to pick me:

  • Experience: I have over 10 years of getting paid for my music-making.

  • Education: A BA in Music from Oxford University, a Masters in Vocal Performance from the Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama, Opera School at the Royal College of Music...

  • Languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Russian...

What You Get

This is what is to be expected from tuition with me.

  • Research: years of research working with the top professionals in their field, all condensed in a child/beginner-friendly human (me).

  • Personalised learning: I am flexible and will adapt to what you need. Have an exam to pass? I'm there. Want to reconnect with your love of singing? Sign me up.

  • Great venues: I will either book you in to work in London's best workspaces, or alternatively can travel to your house.


  • £35 per 45 minutes

  • £40 per hour