Opera Singer and Lounge Pianist

Sofia Kirwan-Baez

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Upcoming Events

Crimson Sessions – Original Songs

April 30th 2022, Stag's Head, Hoxton

For the first time in AGES, I'll be performing a whole concert with my own songs, some completely new ones, alongside the epic Scarlet and the Wolves. Don't miss out! 

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Piano lounge

May 11th and June 8th 2022, OSO Arts Centre

Piano-bar-style concerts with all of your favourite tunes. Comment the song you want to hear, and I will play it. Or arrange it. Picture a live jukebox.

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Dove's Flight

June 28th – July 4th 2022, Royal College of Music

The Royal College of Music is putting on a production of Dove's opera Flight. Booking open soon, to keep checking in to the website below!

Unleash your creativity

Want to learn about music, singing, or piano from an Oxford Music alumnus, or a Conservatoire graduate, or even a professional musician? Find your answers in one person.


If you are looking for a unique learning experience for either you or your child, you are in the right place. Mastering singing is much more than just producing the right notes. It is about reaching musical and physical enlightenment.


Perfect for children and/or beginners.

Previous events & Shows

Despite COVID19's immeasurable effect on this year's performance scene, there have been some wonderful highlights. From operas to recitals to competitions...

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Lucia di Lammermoor 2
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